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GPS Tracker GF-07

By August 3, 2022No Comments

GPS Tracker GF-07

Good afternoon, the review will not be too long. there is really nothing to see.
The tracker went for a very long time, which is completely the fault of the seller and it would be better not to send it at all, tk. device is inoperable. I want to warn against buying this tracker.
For those who are interested in the details, please under cat.

It all started with the fact that the paid goods with the issued track number (EMS) were not tracked anywhere.
After several requests to check the number, a dispute was raised, at that time almost a month had passed.
The seller suddenly suddenly came to life and said that they had holidays and the goods had already been shipped.
On this day, he tracked for the first time.

I have never met such rudeness.
Well, okay, it was sent by EMS and should have arrived quickly enough.
After receiving, I started checking.

Included: instructions in English and Chinese, micro USB cable and the tracker itself.
The dimensions are really amazing. How could everything be packed into such a small box.

By the time of purchase, I saw only one video review of this device.
It details the main functions.
For starters, I installed only the SIM card, the TF card was not at hand, I tied the master phone number, tried to send commands, everything seems to be ok.
In order to hear what’s going on around the tracker, you can call him.
Having tried to send a command to receive GPS coordinates, I got the first disappointment; the tracker was mistaken for a good hundred meters, which indicated that there was no GPS chip there, although I explicitly asked the seller about this before buying

After leaving the tracker at work, I went home. Having dialed the coveted number on the way, I did not receive an answer, but only "the subscriber is out of network coverage."

The next day I repeated the experiment, the result was the same, if the tracker is not disturbed by SMS commands, it turns off after a few minutes. Then I decided to install a TF card, assuming that without it it does not work, the result was the same. Moreover, the tracker executes the command to start audio recording on the card successfully, but the recorded file does not appear on the card. I tried to format the card directly in the tracker, nothing helped.
To register on the tracking site, a login and password are required. The tracker answers the request with an empty login and password 1234.
All this looks like a very raw firmware.

For those who are interested, here is a list of commands for working with the tracker:
000 – attach master phone.
102 – get a login and password to register on the position tracking site.
555 – enable recording on the TF card.
666 — order a call back if there is more than 40 dB noise near the tracker.
777 – get GPS coordinates and a link to a Chinese map.
444 – Cancel jobs.
445 – format the TF card.
888 — information about the state of the tracker.
999 – reboot command.

After that, I raised 2 disputes for a full refund and maybe my suffering did not end, but the seller did not respond in time and the system accepted my conditions.

Finally, two photos of dismemberment

P.S. a question for connoisseurs is it possible to do something with it or send it to the trash.

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