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Barbara Shaw: A trip revealed how serious Peru is taking the pandemic My return here led to infection

I highly recommend this outfit to anyone looking to come to Peru and be dazzled. Visitors can also spend time at the beach and watch surfers on the coast. Order your copy of the brochure to see the world come to life in print. Despite settling in nearby Cusco, the Spanish never discovered Machu Picchu and the site eventually became overrun by the surrounding jungle. You can spot pelicans year round in Paracas. Many tourist come to Huaraz to enjoy the different adventure tours. Peruvians view time differently, so that date you had planned for 7 p. Cusco Dropdown content is at its best and you can make the most of the Andes’ fantastic trekking opportunities. If you are continuing on the tour extension to the Amazon, you’ll spend tonight in Lima. Even nowadays, some tourists still ask their tour guides, police officers, drivers, and more about this painful period of Peruvian history. The frontier town nestled in the hills gets its name ‘hot water’ in Spanish from the hot springs. For more information, please see our General Conditions of Use. Festivals big and small are cause for celebration throughout Peru – from major cities to small towns and villages. We’ve all seen our friends’ photos of the stunning architecture, white sand beaches, dramatic flamenco dancing, and medieval fortresses. It also a good idea to have a printed copy of both your boarding passes to Lima and to Cusco so you have them when you arrive. April is considered a shoulder month as rainfall levels drop in Cusco leaving behind a trail of green. For a deeper insight, let’s take a look at how each of these categories breaks down. If you have to leave your passport and credits cards together place the credit card in a sealed envelope and sign your name across the flap. You never know what can happen in a foreign country and it’s best to be prepared. By order of the Peruvian Government, within the framework of the Covid 19 outbreak, travel requirements for air transport passengers were updated by means of D. Travel advice for how to stay safe and returning to Canada. In addition, many people take boat trips out to the Ballestas Islands to gaze in awe at its spectacular rock formations and the multitude of seabirds, seals, and sea lions living there. Traveling in Peru on a budget requires some discipline and smart money management, especially for longer stays. I wanted to point out that cocoa tea/leaves is actually coca tea/leaves. Proof of vaccination will be required at hire. It’s shoulder season across Peru, but don’t let that deter you from visiting: on the contrary, the spring weather is favorable in the Andes and Amazon and improving on the coast, meaning it’s a fine time to enjoy the country without the crowds.

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Well, Ernest Hemingway stayed at the fishing village of Cabo Blanco for over a month whilst filming for ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ and if it was good enough for him then you can bet it is worth a visit. Dates vary from year to year. If you are a history buff, this is indeed one of the best places to visit in Peru. Ticket Center, es una división de negocios de BCD Travel dedicada a la Consolidación y dirigida a las principales agencias de viajes, brindándoles un servicio exclusivo y personalizado. There are several options, some of which you can choose a time slot. It rarely rains in Lima and the best times to visit are in December to April, during Peru’s summer. Your airport pick up comes with cushions, blankets, oxygen you’re at 12,500 ft. Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. Thousands of people walk around 28 miles to pay respect to the Virgin. Spend the morning exploring Cusco. Of course, Peru is constantly in flux, its ecosystems shift as the year turns and there is beauty and inspiring vistas to be had year round.

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However, in the case of Peru, its location in South America near the equator means that there are only two main seasons: the wet and the dry season. Covering all seven continents, The world your way shows you how you can see the world with us. Torrential rains also bring thick clouds that block the views. While it rarely rains in Lima on Peru’s coast, this region experiences two seasons, summer and winter. Mangos: In Larco Mar, Mangos has really good food and even better views. Image by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay. This option is highly recommended for those who are more independent and like to go at their own pace. The price includes everything as described in the itinerary. Want to know when to visit Peru. Join our mailing list to receive the latest updates and travel inspiration. The wettest time to visit the Andes and the Amazon, with the Inca Trail closing for the month of February. No test is required to travel to mainland France from a country classified on the “orange” list for vaccinated travellers. Also from your experience and knowledge what about backpacking. Therefore, cities like Cusco, Puno, or Amazon cities generally are more secure than big and population ones like Lima or Trujillo. There are two shoulder seasons in Peru: spring September to November and autumn March to May. Price range is on the bottom x axis. But the mountains and jungle are wet, wet, wet and best avoided by trekkers who dislike the mud messing up roads and trails. If you’re traveling alone then it will be imperative that you know a few phrases in Spanish, preferably much more. Peru With Machu Picchu. With three restaurants in the world’s top 50, Lima has a great mix of Peruvian and international food for you to try. Set in acres of sumptuous gardens overlooked by glaciers, it boasts outdoor terraces on which to sip cocktails concocted using indigenous exotica. Casa Andina Private Collection Sacred Valley Breakfast and dinner. Cost: Rapid antigen test $ 45 US. Top Reasons to Go to Peru. Cruz del Sur, Ormeño and Flores are good if you’re heading south of Lima or hugging the coast. Routes link Lima to Andahuaylas, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cajamarca, Chiclayo, Cusco, Huánuco, Iquitos, Juliaca Puno, Piura, Pucallpa, Puerto Maldonado, Tacna, Tarapoto, Trujillo, Tumbes and other cities. Andean people create wonderful displays of nativity scenes with intricately constructed offerings.

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With a population of about 29. The CDC website has updated the agency’s travel advisory list and added several destinations to its “Level 4: COVID 19 Very High” warning list. For some test we have to use the statistic tool of Yandex. However, Trujillo has the unfavorable reputation of being one of the most unsafe cities in Peru. Being immersed in the cultures and traveling throughout Latin America on a perpetual basis means our staff maintain their ability to dream, create and deliver truly exceptional luxury vacations. Despite not being able to spend a night in Cusco due to limited domestic flights, we were still able to visit the famous San Pedro market, load up on scarves from Kuna, Peru’s premier vicuna and alpaca clothing store, and explore the popular San Blas artist district where many doors are still shuttered due to Covid. Using 23 indicators, the index takes 3 main areas into consideration: safety and security in society, the extent of domestic and international conflict, and the degree of militarization. Peru and particularly Cusco are very safe, relaxing destinations for tourists in today’s dangerous world and on top of it, TOUR IN PERU has the best customer attention; all our professional workers are fully trained not only to provide the best touring services but also to care about our clients as persons who are away from their home and culture. This is easily one of the best times to visit Peru if you want to go to the mountains though Cusco can be a little cloudy in September. For example, districts like Miraflores, San Isidro, Surco, and even La Molina are safe to take a walk and enjoy, otherwise, the surrounding districts of them have a high level of crime and delinquency In the case of Lima. Peru can be divided into three main areas when it comes to the country’s average climate: the coast, the Amazon Jungle and the Andes Mountains – the latter of which being the location of Machu Picchu. During the summer months, from about the end of December to March, much of middle and upper class Lima. Upon arrival, you will be taken to your hotel. There are two railway stations here: the Ollantaytambo train station and the Urubamba train station. Another Inca heritage site that you can find in Peru is the place that is called Sacred Valley. The Prime Minister will also have an audience with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting under the theme “Towards a Common Future. For each hour between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM of each day in the analysis period 1980 to 2016, independent scores are computed for perceived temperature, cloud cover, and total precipitation. Yellow Fever Vaccine. “I traveled to Peru a month ago and everything was ok, no problems. With an annual subscription you can access expert travel advice, real time risk alerts for any nearby hazard, a direct SOS line to our global operations team and the ability to check in wherever you are. She defeats the demons who climb up on rooftops and balconies during her procession around the streets of Paucartambo.

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Our private luxury tours to Peru are designed to showcase all that this country has to offer. Mountain weather is unpredictable and sudden storms can occur, especially on high mountain passes. There are also lots of fun hostels here where you can party and mingle with other travelers. Com, your problem will be figure out. While there are ones that take Cirrus/MasterCard, they aren’t as common. Issued by: Finnish government. As a rule of thumb, December – April are the summer months, generally characterised by clear skies and warm temperatures mid high 20Cs. Contraté servicios de transporte y excursiones en privado Lima, Perú y Machu Pichu.

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The best way to know Lima and also see the famous water foun. If you have the time, there are many archaeological sites to visit that give you a glimpse into the past, and we talk about some of the most important ones below. It’s not possible to see everything in one trip but our travel guide to Peru highlights some of the country’s finest attractions. Semana Santa the week leading up to Easter is a big holiday for domestic tourists; during the festivities, which can fall in March or April, hotel prices skyrocket and apartment rentals can be hard to find. If you do visit, make sure you’re in a group. After reopening to the public from the mandatory closure due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Machu Picchu is now getting ready to become. And then it’s, ‘Oh no, you didn’t get the flight,'” he said. Home to some of the most eye catching places, the city features top of the line regional cuisines, amazing climatic conditions, and some top hotels in Peru. These warm summer months have increased rainfall and overcast skies, making travel to Machu Picchu and the highlands less desirable. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission. Or you can also do the ‘mini Inca Trail’, i. Spend two nights exploring the Amazon River on the most luxurious ship. Ancient canals still bring water from the high mountains to the baths used by Inca priests. It’s a great time of year to visit, especially the Amazon. Here’s our guide to the best times to come to Lima. A day tour to these islands will cost you around $40 per person. Types of Girl about the Globe GatG – Cultural GatG, Historical GatG, Nature GatG, Surfing GatG. August continues the peak season throughout the country. Comfortable hotels, tours, and all transportation. Even more fascinating is the city’s strong history of Peruvian folk art, notably the colourful retablos or mini altars that date to colonial times and are still made by artisans in the city. The city sits in a saddle between the two mountains Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu, with a commanding view down two valleys and a nearly impassable mountain at its back. PERU TRAVEL MART 2021. This is the time of year that Cusco experiences less in the way of rainfall and sunnier skies. Water levels are high at this time, and flora and fauna are abundant.

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Money Pot: local transports and excursions from Cuzco to Ollantaytambo. The rainy season is in the Peruvian summer, this corresponds to the German winter. People are really helpful and caring with tourists, due to a natural sense of civility and also because tourism is the main economic activity of the region. A taxi app like Cabify works pretty much the same way, and will send a reliable taxi right to your location. Many Peruvians in the tourist towns and cities of the countryside speak English. Catch the sun rising over Huayna Picchu as the morning mist parts to reveal Machu Picchu. Or, it can mean taking a brief departure from restaurant dining and trying some crazy delicious Peruvian street food picarones, please. In larger cities, traveling alone at night is best avoided. De acuerdo a lo dispuesto en el segundo párrafo del inciso c del párrafo 6. LGBTQ+ travelers may generally want to avoid displaying affection in public, but tourist centers like Machu Picchu and large cities like Lima, where there is an active gay nightlife scene, tend to be more tolerant. Peru’s capital Lima is also on the coast, and along with nearby Paracas it can be cooler and overcast between May October. Some of the religious dates may be celebrated with less colorful spectacle, but to see and understand the devotion with which they are celebrated is nonetheless a fascinating cultural experience. Meet the group at the welcome meeting, check for the start time on the welcome note at the hotel. If Cuzco is your destination, it is best to travel between May and October. Thailand, which translates to “land of the free,” is the only Southeast Asian nation that did not encounter European colonization. Best of Peru11 DaysLima, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Arequipa, Colca Canyon. In most cases this is two jabs. The most interesting looking to me which wasn’t there when we visited is the Paracas 360 Eco Hostel, check out the bedrooms; they are like mini caravans there’s a bar and swimming pool too. Delving into the local fare is a fun way to discover other cultures. A new budget airline — Viva Air — began operating in Peru in April 2017, with domestic flights as cheap as S/ 60 compared to similar domestic flights that currently cost more than S/ 300. At Peru for Less, the health and safety of our travelers is our top priority. Now you’vegot a full range of Peruvian books to read before your trip, you should getstarted. With an altitude ranging from 1500m up to 5000m+, this central spine which runs through the middle of the country is largely determined by its height, with colder temperatures as a result and plentiful rainfall at certain times of the year. There is also Afro Peruvian music, which is a mixture of Latin American and African beats and instruments. Remove child age filter. You disembark armed with gifts galore. This period may be extended. 4 de su Reglamento y documentado estos, respectivamente. At the beach, Huanchaco is also home to what is possibly an ancient type of surfboard. All the arrangements were seamless, we can literally switch off our brain, don’t have to think and worry because everything is well taken care of.

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Peru is currently operating under a four tier based system. That is why when Heidi and Michael of South Carolina approached us with the idea, we were thrilled to collaborate on such a unique Peru and Chile combination tour. October is one of the driest months of the year in the Amazon making it the perfect time of the year to explore the rainforest by foot. In addition, wagons are equipped with conditioned air, anti impact with protection against UV. Let us assist you plan your Peru travel with our knowledge on the varied regions, seasonal variations and other climate nuances. How to visit Rainbow Mountain. Good knowledge of Spanish will be helpful, especially when buying something, as you may be subject to a higher price. Machu Picchu is a bucket list destination for many travelers. Depending on the season, prices will also change.

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Not to mention, you don’t know these people or who they are. Join our mailing list to receive the latest updates and travel inspiration. Machu Picchu has been somewhere I wanted to go since I was a child – I even wrote about it in a school Geography project. The dry season features hardly any rain at all. The Inca Trail and Machu Picchu were the most popular destinations of Peru. Apart from the occasional shower over Lima it hardly ever rains in the desert. Machu Picchu and other archaeological sites and museums are open, beaches all over the country have also been opened. One of the most unique hotels in Cusco, the Monasterio, A Belmond Hotel combines centuries old charm with professional service. The short flying distance, five or six hours, is very comfortable and we have a lot of connections with airlines in the United States. It’s not unheard of for crimes of this nature to take place during daylight hours, despite the presence of many witnesses. However keep in mind, the best time to visit Peru for weather is anytime between May and October. Embassy in Peru for the latest information. Navigating the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu through the misty Peruvian mountains is a truly breathtaking and unmissable experience. It rends the southern Peruvian Andes in two, with sheer cut stone sides that soar to a vertigo inducing 10,730 feet 3,270 meters at some points. Therefore, travel is recommended mainly in the dry season from May to September. The average rainfall during the dry season is 0 days of the month. Hope to hear from you. 3 del artículo 7 del Decreto Supremo N. A Twitter List by CanadianPM. Adam Ford is host of Tour the World. A tropical and eco friendly destination in Central America, Costa Rica is known for its lush rainforests, cloud forests, beautiful beaches, volcanoes, and incredible biodiversity. The trip was amazing. The total rating for Peru changed from 3. Check with your airline for their requirements before boarding in case different measures apply. It’s known as the jewel in the mountain and you’ll see why when you observe the emerald turquoise waters set against the crisp white snow from the surrounding glaciers and mountain tops. The wet season from December to March makes trekking in the Andes slightly challenging, but the water levels are perfectly high for boat trips in the Amazon. If passengers are fully vaccinated against COVID 19, or instead can present a negative result of a molecular test taken within 48 hours of departure, there is no need for quarantine. We continue to closely monitor the situation as Peru gradually opens its touristic services.


The Rough Guide to Peru covers: Lima; Trujillo; Cusco; the Sacred Valley; the Peruvian Amazon; Tarma and the Central Sierra; Arequipa and Lake Titicaca; Nazca; Huarez and the Cordilleras; the South and Ancash Coasts. The Andes and the Amazon are now receiving serious precipitation, and both are generally a washout. Mayra provided some great restaurant advice. Whatever you plan to see or do whether it be the history the archaeology or if you just want to experience the Peruvian cuisine we will design it for you. All land borders with Bolivia, Chile, Brazil and Ecuador are now Open. While Machu Picchu remains open, trekking in this area is a challenge as the Inca Trail closes for the month. In cities like Lima, assaults often occur on buses, with some taxi drivers even ripping off newcomers. With our research in recent days, Squaremouth seems to have the most reasonable policies in relation to the coronavirus but would, of course, require “Cancel For Any Reason” policies and would need to be purchased very quickly after making your trip deposit. Easily the most famous place to visit in Peru and the Goliath of South America’s tourism hotspots, the Incan citadel of Machu Picchu perched high up in the Andes has topped many a bucket list. For Domestic Travel in Peru. The Lares Trek is the best tour for hiking to Machu Picchu this month. Within another hundred years the Inca had arrived, though they took some twenty years to conquer the Chimu, during which time it appears that Túcume played an important role in the ensuing military, magical and diplomatic intrigues. A question that is difficult to answer precisely, because avery often, there are as many budgets as there are travellers. However, for surfers, swells are biggest during the winter months in Lima, making this the ideal period for catching some waves. Solo travelers do need to be particularly careful at night, especially when walking in the street or withdrawing money. Domestic/International Airlines may have their own fees. And the greatest living culture. ATM fraud is common throughout Peru so avoid withdrawing money at night or in dodgy looking parts of town. At 10,954 feet 3,339 meters, Cusco is already higher than most European ski resorts. Titles and surnames are usually used upon greeting, and handshakes are standard for men and women. It’s often called the ‘poor man’s Galapagos. Cajamarca is by far my favorite Peruvian city. The train journey from the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu was amazing the landscape was breathtaking, and the tour leader explained so much to us on the way. Restrictions within different tiers include curfews, social distancing, restricted opening hours, and reduced capacity in shops and other enclosed spaces.


Once the gate was opened, we soon saw that there was no police. Lonely Planet’s Peru is our most comprehensive guide that covers all the country has to offer. A little known attraction that is a lot of fun: swimming with the sea turtles. The omicron variant has caused a worldwide surge in cases, and the CDC now lists more than 60 countries as places to avoid due to COVID 19. There’s also time to explore the very best of Cusco including San Pedro Market, and the Plaza de Armas along with Lima’s highlights which include the Larco Museum home to pre Columbian artifacts and Huaca Pucllana the ruins of an ancient Inca pyramid. You may also like: Top free and almost free things to do in LimaUltimate guide to Lima’s best neighborhoodsThe 9 best day trips from Lima. Address: Santa Maria 190, Miraflores, Lima PeruPhone: +51 1 700 5105Website. SL Photography/Shutterstock. 6 million, and Chile 3. You’ll need to keep in touch with your relatives to tell them that you’re fine on your trip. This is the start of the dry season in Peru’s highlands, although there is still a chance of rain well into the middle of May. Due to its location in the Andes highlands, Machu Picchu experiences both a wet and a dry season. We recommend using a bus for all destinations except when traveling from Lima to Cusco or vice versa. Peru participates in a solemn Christmas in December, where families come together for a special evening meal. Best to buy a big bottle and make some friends. Avoid displays of wealth and dress appropriately for the environment, for example in religious sites be sure to cover up shoulders and bare legs.

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Prepare for an unforgettable experience. Your choice – winter here or summer there. The lowland rainforests, rivers, oxbow lakes, and palm swamps that surround Puerto Maldonado hold a wealth of colorful creatures—from blue and. Thank you all for all your efforts on our behalf. Entering all public venues required proof of vaccination. Latin America Specialist. The same is said for the Puno Region and Lake Titicaca, though temperatures are a few degrees less. Peru is a country unlike any other, with many differing landscapes and climates. Once the Inca Empire’s capital, Cuzco is now a lovely city with unique mestizo style architecture that combines Incan foundations with Spanish colonial architecture. Accommodation tends to be safe and secure in the city and many places have rooms to keep your luggage while you travel to other places. Com is in your hands. Peru to Chile – From Tacna to Arica in Chile. Flights: $870 to $2,364 for economy. Having time to connect with people and being taught by your own trusted guide allows you to broaden your understanding of new cultures and how they live. The wider fluctuations occur between daytime and night time temperatures. Exhibit A on the left is a photo from Lima. Cajamarca: One of the windows of Peruvian culture offers its visitors hot springs, landscapes, stone forests, crafts and more. The only true way to appreciate the size and scope of the Nazca Lines is to see them from the air. Streets come alive during festivals where swirling processions slither en masse to celebrate ancient rites and traditions that give Peru its shape and form. My husband and I headed back to the airport and flew back to Lima. Many tourists were stranded for two full days in the mountains and local shops refused to open their doors to tourists so many were forced to walk long distances to get to the airport. You must provide proof of travel arrangements for the duration of your trip. Boating on this lake is forbidden, orconcocha is also surrounded by wildlife, and its color is sky blue. This traditional village has kept its ancient traditions alive, farming methods, and weaving techniques. Both are easy to visit throughout the year, although the shoulder months of April and May and September and October see pleasant weather and fewer tourists.

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Temperatures in Lima average around 66°F. But what we need even more is a commitment as a society to avoiding further unnecessary acute and chronic illness and mortality related to COVID 19. Covering all seven continents, The world your way shows you how you can see the world with us. Comfortable hotels, tours, and all transportation. If you are planning to travel in Peru, we’ve given it 3 out of 5 stars for solo female travel. Your browser does not support the video file. The Travel Off Path Community FB group has all the latest reopening news, conversations, and QandA’s happening daily. The scale of ambition at Machu Picchu is best illustrated in its agricultural terraces, which concertina down the mountainside like a giant’s staircase. The entry of foreign nationals who travel from India, South Africa and/or Brazil or who have stopped over in India, South Africa and/or Brazil in the last 14 calendar days and do not reside in Peru, is banned until 3 October 2021. And it is also advisable to only withdraw money at protected ATMs inside a building. Therefore, the best time to travel to Peru is when the weather at Machu Picchu is at its best. Machu Picchu surely needs no introduction. Your ticket will have your time on it.


As an Australian owned and operated organisation, we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing custodianship of the land, waters and culture for over 60,000 years. You will be amazed by. You can find offers for free walking tours in Lima by visiting a particular district’s tourist information centers and looking up available schedules you can join. You can find places to get COVID tests done in Peru here. However, it didn’t become a major source of transportation and food until the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century. Heather is an award winning travel blogger based in Bristol, UK. In the rainy season, on the other hand, which lasts from December to March, there are many rain showers. You will find clearer days with a bit cooler weather during this time. There is so much to discover, and all of it has been made much easier thanks to the European Union. Vaccinated persons shall be under no restrictions when entering metropolitan France. Less than half an hour away from the city, Huanchaco is a little beach community where surfers, tourists, affluent trujillianos, families. No test is required to travel to mainland France from a country classified on the “orange” list for vaccinated travellers. During the Coronavirus, these sights were affected by the tourist decrease. Starting in the Middle Ages, France evolved through kingdom, empire and finally, into a republic. Canadian citizens, including dual citizens, need a valid Canadian passport. From June to September a low mist descends over the valley in which the city sits, although temperatures are still between 15˚ 20˚C in June and 15 19˚C in September. You’ll also find Peruvian guesthouses, jungle and eco lodges and the more luxurious hotels on Booking. A stop on the Cusco City Tour, this pink stone Inca site offers great views of the valley below. Due to road quality, other traffic and altitude, the mountains can be dangerous to cycle in. Machu Travel Peru has developed a sustainable and enriching touristic environment for our visitors, communities, cities and environment. For a panoramic view of the city, you’ll visit the top of San Cristobal Hill, 984 feet above the city. And then, at the end, we look at overall costs of what an average 2 week budget trip to Peru might set you back. Peru’s earliest human settlements found hospitable ground in the fertile soils of the river valleys within the present day department of Lima.

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Its historic center received the designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and for good reason. Culture, nature and history combine in this journey through Peru’s gorgeous south. Whatever you want from your trip to Peru, our team of expert travel designers are ready to help. The Andean country has tropical, boreal, alpine and subtropical climate regions. Those visitors heading off the beaten track or working with or near animals should be vaccinated; all other travellers should consider vaccination. The reason for this climate is the ocean current “Humboldt Current”, which carries icy water from the Antarctic to the north. The total rating for Peru changed from 3. Marking the start of the Peruvian shoulder season, April is when the showers stop and the dry season creeps back in, making it an excellent time for trekking in the Andes Mountains – including to Machu Picchu or Rainbow Mountain. The price of food in sit down restaurants in Peru is often higher than fast food prices or street food prices. Day 2: Sunday early morning departure Lima – Cuzco whoa elevationPick up our local guide, Max, and driver, Alex who will be with us until WednesdayStart exploring the Sacred Valley slightly lower elevation than Cuzco to help acclimatesee Pisac Ruins, G’s Planterra project Ccaccaccollo you can read about it here where we were able to see the local community “in action” P. On a clear day, enjoy the spectacular views of the Urubamba Valley. Since Cajamarca, Leymebamba and Chachapoyas lie in remote areas, a trip to these destinations is not recommended during the rainy season. Services are available as part of a full itinerary 3 days or more including all hotels, tours and ground transportation. Mauricio treat tourists as a family, we used to hear from him Coca Cola and answer Inca Cola. For more in depth information about specific sites, destinations and hotels, contact our experienced travel advisors who can organize a safe and exciting trip.

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