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Headphones KZ ZS10 Pro. 10 drivers for two

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If they were a little larger in diameter, they would sit tighter and, perhaps, low frequencies would be more pronounced. Another reinforcing emitter is located a little to the right of the cable connector.
The connector for the cable plug is made of high quality.
There were also three pairs of spare ear pads of different sizes in the box. Finally, a comparison with KZ AS06.
In the acute-angled part of the housing there are two reinforcing radiators. But on the records in MP3 format, not everything is so rosy. Thank you for your attention. And judging by the fact that most over-the-ear headphones do not fit in them, the size is smaller than average. I listened to headphones on the Xuelin iHiFi 770C player.
Weigh 30 g. The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
The divider is made in the same style as the plug, also plastic and angular. It is felt that the feed is V-shaped, that is, the bottoms and high frequencies are raised.
But there is a feeling that the ear pads are a little small. The fourth one is immediately put on the headphones. I listened, the sound is not bad, bass, but somehow muddy, with low detail. And there previously listened to a collection of the old, "good" dubstep. It will be necessary to try to pick up from other headphones. It is difficult for me to describe in detail, but the sound lacks "warmth", most likely lacks mids.
The cable, in fact, only seems to be braided, in fact it is twisted. I think this is the merit of the Xiaomi Equalizer. I have not previously written reviews about multi-driver hybrids. Thus, I liked the headphones, but decide for yourself whether they cost 40 bucks.
Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules
Headphones arrived in a minimalist white box wrapped in plastic. There are no cracks, the backlash is quite insignificant. So, after setting up the sound, the headphones are capable of a lot.
Connecting the cable.
Approximately in this position, the headphones are placed in the ears. Headphones sat in the ears very well (although not perfect), just a champion in terms of convenience among my other similar headphones.
Judging by this picture, two 30095 emitters are responsible for high frequencies, and two 50060 for mids.
The body of the plug is plastic, with an angular shape. But whatever it was, the cable is pleasant – soft and not prone to tangling. Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop started playing. But their bodies are noticeably larger and landing in my ears is just a disaster. The total length is 130 cm. The sound is fairly neutral, with no distortion towards high or low frequencies.
This is more clearly displayed in the pictures with "disassembly". They are different from stock, slightly smaller in diameter and notched.
Before talking about the sound, it is worth discussing such an important aspect as the fit of the headphones in the ears.
It even has instructions for assembling and putting on the headphones.
The opening of the sound guide is covered with a metal plate with holes in the shape of the so-called "shower mesh".
Now let’s look at the headphone cases. If you twist against the direction of the turns, then it diverges into spirals. The edges of the protrusion along the edge are sharp, the ear pads should hold well.
The earhooks are made of heat shrink tubing. Very good headphones.
We put on the ear pads. I have 4 pairs of headphones with this type of wearing and they are all uncomfortable for me. With incorrectly selected ear pads, I thought “and why do they want to
that kind of money?" But as soon as he picked up a good fit, everything fell into place. Sits down in
measure tight. Let’s see if they’re really that good. Chinese advertising trumpets loudly about 10 emitters. I am not a fan of listening to music on a smartphone. Now the headphones are fully assembled. And then I put on the smallest ear pads. Explosion scheme. But perhaps this is the merit of the quality of the recording. The cable ends with so-called two-pin connectors. (I’ll explain for those who like the Russian language – there are two yellow metal pins) I decided to try the medium nozzles from the set. In the test high-quality recordings, every instrument is heard, the detail is amazing, the scene is clearly drawn.
Included is such a "braided" cable. I myself am a big person and everything is big except for my ears. Along the edge is the inscription 10 Hybrid Technology. The bass is almost full, but lacks depth a bit. The hulls almost completely stuck out. The outer part of the case, the so-called faceplate, is made of stainless steel. But about the fact that it is divided into two headphones, advertising is modestly silent. But nearby lay Xiaomi Mi5. Well, that’s it.
Under the lid there is a lodgement with cases, covered with a blister. I already got goosebumps, very energetically.
Protection against bending of the cable is rubber.
It is elastic and it is impossible to give it the desired shape with your hands, in contrast to the ear hooks with wire. Connected headphones to it. At the bottom of the box was the accompanying waste paper. That’s all.
The sound guide is made of yellow metal. I read in other reviews that if you heat it, then you can reshape the bend.
A large dynamic radiator is easily visible through the case. In general, I would rate the sound at 8 out of 10. But every time I hope for a miracle… And when the KZ ZS10 Pro with the default nozzles did not sit well in my ears, I was not surprised. Ears are small. On the side there is an inscription with the name of the model. The vocals are a bit harsh. The sound became cleaner, but the headphones sat even worse in the auricles.
The steel is polished to a mirror finish.

Headphones KZ ZS10 Pro. 10 drivers for two

It is immediately written here that each earphone has one dynamic emitter and 4 reinforcing ones. Length 5.5 mm, diameter 5.7 mm.
The rest of the headphone housing is made of transparent gray plastic.
Here is the description from the product page. Opposite the speaker, and a little further away, there are two compensation holes on the case.

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